Wood paneled walls will be removed from some residential buildings in the south-east of England, the council has announced.

The move comes as a result of a “massive refurbishment” of homes in the borough of Northumberland, where council bosses have spent a record £5m to build a new house and renovate existing ones.

The refurbishment of homes has been hailed as a landmark by the government, with ministers describing the £2bn project as the “biggest Residential remodel since the second world war”.

It includes £3bn of funding for new homes and an extension of the council’s green belt, as well as £2.8bn for new roads, £1.5bn for a £2m public art installation and £500m for “green space”.

It will also see “major changes to the way homes are constructed and maintained”, said a statement on the council website.

The council, which also owns the £5.8m House of Commons and £1m St Paul’s Cathedral, said it would “remain committed to supporting residents and businesses as they undertake their long-term regeneration”.

The new buildings will be fitted out by the firm Energia, with the majority of the work to be carried out by a local firm.

It is unclear how many homes will be affected, with a spokesperson for Energias said they were “very limited”.

But the announcement came just hours after Northumberlander housing minister James Berry said he believed the plan would benefit many people.

He said: “I think the whole scheme will benefit the majority.

It’s a very big scheme for a very small area.”

People who live in houses that are not going to be rebuilt are likely to feel that they are getting a big kick out of it.

“Mr Berry said that after the plan had been announced, he had met with the council to discuss the “huge” cost involved.

He added: “That was an absolute no-brainer for me.”

We’re all going to get a big boost out of this.”

Mr Hutton said the new homes would be used for people who would otherwise not have access to the area.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “It will provide people who are already in the community a place to live.”

They are going to have a safe place to come and spend their days and come and get a job, and that is really a huge benefit for people.””

We want to ensure that we don’t miss people who will be coming to Northumberlands.””

People will still be able to access the area because we have built a network of homes.

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