A wall panel on the wall that costs more than $100,000 can be easily replaced with a cheaper alternative at home improvement stores and online.

That’s because the panel’s plastic coating and the cheap material used in the panels construction means that they’re less prone to cracking.

The panels made by American company Bespoke Wall Systems are made of a combination of two different materials: Polypropylene and a thin layer of PVC that is used for the sides.

It’s coated with polyester resin and is then heated and sprayed with a solvent that removes the excess material.

The panels are then then wrapped in duct tape and glued in place.

The cost of the panels is based on the price of each part.

It could be as low as $10 per square meter for the plastic panels and as high as $100 per square meters for the PVC ones.

These prices are based on what a wall panel can cost in the United States, which is around $1.60 per square yard.

If the panels are manufactured in China, then the prices are even lower.

The plastic panel in question is made by Bespoked Wall Systems, which specializes in drywall panels.

The company is also a member of the American Institute of Drywall, which means that its panels are made in America and imported from China.

The American Institute for Drywall (AID) is a nonprofit organization that promotes and develops the technology that underpins the industry.

The AID has a history of supporting the use of recycled materials in the construction of drywall.

The group has also worked to prevent the degradation of the materials that are made into drywall by the use and dumping of hazardous waste, according to the AID website.

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