A woman was stabbed to death in #NoTrade #BlackMatter protests in New York City.

A video shows a man walking through the streets.

A man is seen running towards a group of people in the middle of the street.

The video then cuts to a woman screaming as she is stabbed in the neck.

Police in the video said a man who was not identified was arrested for murder. 

In a statement, the NYPD said a 32-year-old man was stabbed in New Jersey, while a 37-year, black man was attacked in Virginia. 

“We are extremely grateful for the quick actions of our officers and the community members who quickly intervened,” the statement read.

“As police, we have the utmost respect for the right to protest, but we must also uphold the constitutional right of peaceful protest.” 

#NoTrades protests in Chicago The protests are seen as a response to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. 

The agreement would be the largest trade deal in US history. 

At one point, demonstrators held signs saying, “TPP sucks” and “TPP kills” and were joined by a number of protesters who wore “TPP is dead” shirts. 

On Saturday, protesters blocked the roads near the US Capitol. 

They held signs reading, “No TPP,” “TPP will kill us” and, “Trade is death” as well as “Stop the TPP.” 

 They were joined on Saturday by several hundred demonstrators in the street, some carrying signs with phrases such as “stop the TPP” and “#NoTraders.” 

The New York State Police and the US Secret Service were on hand to protect demonstrators. 

#BlackLightsMatter activists protest in front of the US State Capitol in Albany, New York, U.S., September 25, 2020. 

People gather on the steps of the Statehouse in Albany to protest against the TPP in Albany on September 25.

 Protesters gather to protest the TPP and other trade deals in Albany in Albany.

“The protests today are a continuation of the struggle that we have been engaged in for months,” said Black Lives Matter New York president Abba Fadil.

“It is time to stand up for our rights as Americans, our right to self-determination and our right as Americans to organize in support of our rights.” 

In an interview with The Associated Press, Fadils sister Taya Fadir said protesters had planned to walk to the Capitol building to show support for their demands.

They also planned to show up at the White House.

But the protesters were unable to do so because of police barricades and security at the capitol. 

Protestors walk down the steps at the U.N. building in New Delhi, India, September 26, 2020.(AP: Arvind Subramanian) A man is taken into custody after a stabbing near the U,S.

Capitol in Washington, DC, U-S.

September 26., 2020.(Reuters: Alex Brandon) People protest against trade deals at the State Capitol building in Albany October 7, 2020, in Albany New York. 

Some demonstrators also chanted “No Trades, no trade.” 

Protesting protesters gather in the streets outside the U-N.

headquarters in New Dehli, India September 26.

The U. N. is the United Nations agency for human rights.

The U. S. has the most restrictive trade agreements in the world. 

A woman is taken to a hospital after a man was taken into police custody on Friday night in New London, Connecticut. 

Protests have been ongoing in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut since September 25 after a Black Lives matter protest ended in a stabbing. 

Demonstrators gather at the US Senate in Washington D.C., U. States, September 28, 2020 (Reuters: Michael Reynolds) Protester from New Hampshire is treated for his wounds at the scene of a stabbing at the New York statehouse in the state of New York on September 28.

Protesters march to the U -N.

Headquarters in New Albany, N.Y., U-s, September 29, 2020 after the Senate voted to vote on the TPP.

Protests in New England are seen in the background as people march in Washington in New Bedford, New Hampshire September 29.

A protester with a megaphone yells at police outside the State House in Albany September 30, 2020 in Albany United States.

Hundreds of protesters marched through downtown New York and down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Saturday in support with their demands to reject the trade deal and to end the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Protest organizers said the protests were part of the Stop the TPP movement to highlight the dangers of the TPP, which includes a deal to allow China to take control of American corporations and government agencies. 

Organizers have said the TPP would put millions of

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