By now you’ve heard that Sony’s new TVs have finally hit the market, and that the new P7 has a lot to offer, but what’s really cool about them is that they’ve got a bunch of other cool things going on too.

Here’s a look at all the things we found cool about the new TVs.

Pavilion panelThe Pavilion TV panels are a good example of how Sony’s got the new televisions to look really cool, with a variety of different colors, and even different sizes.

They’re also really bright and have lots of different viewing angles, so you can watch movies, TV shows, and more at the same time.

They have lots more screen real estate than previous Sony TVs, too.

There are three sizes of the Pavilion TVs: The 6-inch and the 7-inch models, as well as the smaller 4-inch model.

The 6 inch model has the lowest resolution of any of the panels, so if you’re looking for something to watch on a TV screen with low resolution, you can get the smaller 7-incher for about $80.

There’s also a smaller 7 inch model available for $50.

The 7-in.

model has a more natural look, which is cool.

The picture quality is also a bit better than previous Pavilion TVs, with more detail, though it’s still not as good as the P7’s.

The 7-inches have slightly lower resolution than the 4-inchers, too, but it’s not a deal breaker, since you can still get a good resolution with both panels.

The panels are available in black and white, and both panels have an additional viewing angle that can help with the dark content in movies.

The viewing angles on the larger 7-ins are more pronounced, but both are nice to look at.

The TVs also have built-in speakers, and you can adjust the volume with a remote.

The 4-in.-3.5-inch Pavilion panel has a nice design with its flat design.

It looks great and feels sturdy, but there’s nothing wrong with a 3.5in.

panel, as long as you’re not going to spend $500 on a 4in.


It’s also not a cheap TV, either, with the 4in panel starting at $550, and it only supports HDR, which isn’t the highest quality.

The 5-in-1.5 panel is the standard TV panel for the PS4 and P7.

The panel is a bit bigger than the 3in.

version of the P8, but that’s mostly because of the larger size of the TV.

The 4-and-1-inch versions of the TVs have a higher resolution than any of their larger cousins, but they’re still not nearly as good.

The 5-ins have a very clear image, with great contrast, and the contrast is a little better than the previous 3in panel, though not by much.

The 8in.

and 9in.

versions have slightly better contrast, but not nearly to the same level.

The 9in TV has a slightly larger screen, which will make the viewing even better if you don’t mind being in a dark room.

The 12in.

4-screen version has the same screen as the 3-in version, but you can’t adjust the brightness.

Both the 7in.

models have a good-looking, bright panel that’s comfortable to hold in your hands.

The larger screen makes it easier to see the content, though, and for me, that’s a huge plus.

The 3in version is a touch brighter, too (though that’s not really the case on the 4 and 1-inch).

The 9-inch version has a little more contrast, though.

Both TVs have built in speakers that work well with Dolby Atmos and the Sony DAB app, so there’s no need to buy an external receiver to listen to music.

The 8in model has an excellent 5.5 inch screen, though that’s really more of a 5.1 inch screen than a 4- or 1-in screen.

It has a better contrast ratio, which I think makes it a better choice than the smaller 5.4 inch model, which has a higher contrast ratio than the 5.2-inch.

The lower resolution on the 8in is not a huge deal, but for the price of the 3 in. version, you should definitely pick up the bigger model.

The smaller 7in TV is also great looking, with bright colors and a very natural-looking design.

There is also some contrast in the 4 in. and 1 in. versions, but nothing as noticeable as on the 5 in. model.

I prefer the smaller size of these TVs, but the larger models are a lot more affordable.

The 9in model is great looking and has a very good picture, with good contrast.

You can adjust it with a controller or remote

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