With the help of a friend, I’ve been building a new acoustic panel for my house.

This is my third DIY acoustic panel and I wanted to share my experience with the world.

For the DIY panels, I chose to go with an inexpensive DIY model of a laminated panel from the manufacturer.

The panels are made of plywood (plastic fiberglass) that are sandwiched between two sheets of plastic that are treated to absorb sound.

The plastic is made to absorb the sound of a car engine and can also be used for speakers, but it is difficult to control the sound level inside a house without the panel being placed in the attic.

The panel is then placed on top of a plastic floor and sealed with an acoustic sealer.

The only other thing to do is to seal the panel and then add some air conditioning and a ceiling fan to the attic space. 

The process takes about 30 minutes for me.

I made the first two panels using cheap wood that I could find at a local hardware store and then used a couple of cheap PVC pipe pieces that I found at my local hardware shop to form the first three panels.

This time I bought the cheaper plastic pieces, and then purchased a couple more of these plastic pieces to form each of the first four panels. 

I used these PVC pipe strips to form a very basic plywood acoustic panel. 

To create the acoustic panel, I started by cutting a sheet of ply that I had lying around.

I then made the three panels from this sheet of paper.

I cut out three panels of ply from each sheet of plastic and then glued them together.

I placed the first panel on top and the second panel on the bottom of the panel.

I also added some air conditioner in the center of the panels and added a ceiling fans to keep the air circulating in the room.

I then taped the panel to the sheet of PVC pipe and glued the two sides together with duct tape.

I added a couple duct tape screws to secure the panel on my floor. 

After attaching the panels, the acoustic panels had a fairly flat top that looked quite clean.

I did this by placing a piece of cardboard between the plywood panel and the ply panel.

This allowed me to remove any excess air from the acoustic wall and prevent the panels from falling off of the ceiling. 

Once the panels were all on my wall, I added some duct tape to hold the panel in place.

I used duct tape from a nearby garage door to secure my panels in place on my ceiling.

This was a nice step for me because I was able to easily control the height of the sound in the house and still have it be audible to all the occupants. 

This is the first step in creating a DIY acoustic wall panel.

Next, I had to add some electrical wires to my acoustic wall.

The most expensive wire I had in the area was about $5 for a 25-watt outlet.

I took a piece and put it on top with a sheet metal frame.

This was then secured with a wire clamp.

The rest of the wire was soldered to the panel using some electrical tape.

This added about $10 to the total cost of the wall panel and added another $20 for the electric cord.

The next step was to drill a hole in the ceiling for the panels.

I was worried that the panel might crack during installation and the wires could fall off and be difficult to replace.

Luckily, this was not the case.

The wall panel is made from plywood and it has a hole drilled in the top so that the panels can be easily fixed to the ceiling during installation.

This also made it easier to mount the panels on the ceiling and to keep them in place while I was using the wall for acoustic wall panels.

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