A number of prominent Israeli artists are challenging the government on a number of issues, and are challenging its position on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Among them are artisans’ associations, the artists’ association, and the Israeli Art and Architecture Union.

The Artisans’ Association is the biggest in Israel, representing over 400,000 people, while the Association of the Architects and the Engineers (AAEU) represents over 500,000 architects.

The AAEU represents over 4,000 different professions in the country, including architecture, architecture design, engineering, engineering management, engineering research, and management.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Times, AAEUS member Moshe Naim, who works in Israel’s Civil Administration, said the government’s attitude towards the artisans is “ridiculous.”

The government, he said, is not a responsible entity, and should have a much clearer position.

Naim also said that the lack of transparency in the AAEUs decisions is an issue that needs to be addressed.

He pointed out that AAEUU members and representatives from the government are members of the government and that the government does not have the power to determine the fate of the art community.

Naim also called on the government to give the AEEU a larger role, citing the example of the organization’s founding, which was a response to the Palestinian uprising.

The AEEUs founding statement was written by ASEAN Secretary General Yossi Beilin, and it stated that “the ASEANS mission is to protect and promote the universal human rights and freedoms, and to promote a peaceful and democratic coexistence between Israel and all nations.”

Naim said the ASEUS should be given a larger influence in order to “understand the issues in the art sector and to provide a platform for artists to communicate their experiences and concerns.”

The art world is divided over the issue of the state of Israel, which is the only country in the Middle East that does not recognize the Jewish state.

Art, in general, is seen as an expression of Palestinian identity.

Israel’s state of the artists statement, which has been met with strong criticism, said that “Israel has a history of oppressing artists and that’s why it’s so important that we have a space to speak freely about the state’s policies toward the art world and the way it treats artists.”

It’s an issue which has come to the fore recently, as several artists in Israel are demanding the removal of a mural in Beit She’an that they claim is an anti-Semitic depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

In response, Israel’s Chief Minister Moshe Ya’alon called the mural a “disgrace.”

Israel has long been criticized for its treatment of its art community, which in recent years has faced increased scrutiny due to the wave of protests and killings against Israel’s Arab minority in recent months.

The government has also been accused of allowing an art school in the West Bank to close, and has also recently faced criticism for its handling of the situation in Gaza.

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