What you might not know about Florida’s solar panel industry: Solar panels are a major source of electricity for Florida and the nation, and Florida’s sun has helped keep the state’s electric grid humming.

But it’s also been hit hard by hurricanes.

A massive blackout in 2011 forced thousands of people out of their homes and shut down the state for a year.

More than 1,500 solar panels were lost in the blackout alone.

The industry is trying to recover, with a $1.3 billion incentive program aimed at solar installers and solar-powered vehicles.

But for many homeowners, the price of solar panels is skyrocketing, with the average price of a typical panel at $1,800 a kilowatt hour.

Some homeowners have even turned to solar-panel sales to fund their mortgage payments, according to the Florida Sunlight Foundation.

And solar panels are increasingly being exported, especially to the developing world, where their energy is more expensive.

Solar panels can produce energy for homes that have no power source, and can be built in a relatively short time, said Dan McAfee, the director of the Florida Solar Energy Association.

He estimates that more than 1 million panels were installed in Florida last year, and that more are in the works.

The biggest challenge is getting the money to install panels and sell them, said McAfee.

“There is a big disconnect with Florida solar companies,” he said.

“They’re making it very difficult for the state to recover from the loss of the grid.”

McAfee said that he has been meeting with solar companies, and is planning a tour of Florida solar facilities.

He said he plans to meet with Florida Power & Light and Solar to discuss how solar can be used in the state.

The solar industry is a growing industry in Florida, with more than 4,000 companies operating in the Sunshine State, and more than a dozen more active in the Southeast.

In 2012, Florida was home to the largest solar installer in the country, SolarCity Corp., according to GTM Research.

But with the economic downturn, Solar City has been shedding jobs.

In January, the company announced that it was laying off more than 3,000 employees in Florida.

SolarCity, along with other solar companies in the United States, have had to scale back their operations.

That’s led to a shortage of solar workers.

The U.S. solar industry has been hit particularly hard by the global economic downturn.

A recent report by the Solar Energy Industries Association found that in 2014, solar power installed in the U.N. grew by just 2.5 percent, and was down 8.9 percent from 2013.

The report also found that the U,S.

imported nearly $1 trillion in solar panels last year and the number of new solar-based jobs fell from 631,000 in 2015 to 612,000 last year.

“We’ve been getting these problems with the industry,” said McAdam.

Florida solar panels can be installed on homes for as little as $1 per square foot, but McAfee says that cost is only going to go up as demand increases. “

When it comes to their capacity, they have not done it,” he added.

Florida solar panels can be installed on homes for as little as $1 per square foot, but McAfee says that cost is only going to go up as demand increases.

“If we get more people in the market, they can go up to a dollar-per-square-foot, $1-per.

The cost of installing a solar panel is a lot less than the cost of an electric bill,” he told Fortune.

“And that’s where it starts to make sense for homeowners to invest in solar because it is the best value.”

The solar panels McAfee is looking to sell are made by SolarCity and SunEdison, which both have solar projects in Florida and in other states.

McAfee estimates that they make up more than 20 percent of Florida’s total installed capacity.

Solar City currently has one customer who is buying solar panels.

He says he has sold several of his panels.

But McAfee believes that a large part of the demand for solar panels comes from people who are in areas with no power, such as remote areas of the South Florida region.

“I don’t know what’s happening in these areas,” he explained.

“The demand is just not there.

And there’s no reason to be spending $1 to $1 an hour just for that.”

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