With the recent approval of the $10-billion SolarCity Energy Infrastructure Act, the state of California is on track to install up to 30,000 solar panels on public buildings, schools and public spaces.

But that could all change.

The state recently approved a $5.8 billion deal with an unnamed investor to build a 1.5-megawatt solar array on the San Francisco Bay, with plans to add about 6,000 panels over the next three years.

But a state panel of experts warned the project would cost far more than that.

The panel called the solar array the “solar border fence,” and said the $9.8-billion project is “a highly risky and high-risk project.”

The panel said that the cost of the solar border fence project would exceed the $8.4-billion deal signed with California Energy Commission for a $4.8 million project that is slated to be built on the city of San Jose, with an expected completion date of late 2019.

“This project has substantial risks, both in terms of schedule and the scope of the project,” the panel said.

“There is no assurance that the proposed project will be completed or that the estimated cost of building this project will remain at or below the projected project cost.”

The panel also said that in addition to the risks of the border fence, there is also a “significant risk that a solar project will not be constructed and that it will be destroyed.”

“We believe the proposed solar project is not a viable option and will not address our state’s needs,” the commission said in a statement to the Associated Press.

California is in the midst of a huge energy boom, with the state generating more electricity than all of the state’s coal-fired power plants combined.

That boom has created an enormous amount of infrastructure, including power lines, substations and transmission lines.

But the solar panel deal, which is expected to bring in nearly $1 billion, is expected bring the state $8 billion in state subsidies and about $3 billion in federal aid.

The solar border wall is expected, along with the project to add solar panels to public parks, to create a solar border that will prevent a flood of unwanted solar panels from being built on public property, according to the California Department of Water Resources.

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