In “Supergirl” Season 3, Kara and her team have a few moments to catch their breath.

But after an unexpected encounter with her cousin Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and a battle with the Brainiac, the duo have been left with little time to rest.

Kara is worried about her cousin’s mental health and her relationship with her husband, but the pair are also dealing with their own demons.

Now, it looks like Kara’s issues are getting a little more complicated.

In an interview with EW, “Superhero” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed how the series’ Season 3 was a little rocky.

Kara’s problems are getting even more complicated by the end of the season.

The executive producer said the writers “got a little carried away” and thought it was “very interesting to get to the end, to see her fight her demons and really try to do the right thing.

That’s what the writers are so good at.”

But the writer and producer said it wasn’t always clear how the writers were going to proceed with Kara.

Kreisberry said it’s important to realize Kara is “a very complicated person, and there are a lot of things going on that aren’t necessarily obvious.

She’s also a very human being, and we know what we can do.

So you have to be really careful about where you put her and where you set her up and how much you’re going to let her get away with.

That was a big challenge for us.”

Here’s what we learned about the “Supergirls” Season 4:In the first episode of Season 4, Kara is in New York City for a meeting with her estranged cousin, Clark Kent (Jesse L. Martin).

Kara says she has a plan to “bring [her] family together” and that she and Clark Kent are trying to build a “real community” to help them overcome their “mental health issues.”

Kara says they’ve been in contact “since before the show” and she and her husband “have a great relationship.”

But then Kara is approached by Clark Kent and his girlfriend, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), who ask her if she is ready to come to the city to join them.

“She wants to go home,” Kara tells Felicity.

“You can’t bring home somebody who has a family issue.”

As Kara and Felicity go to see Clark Kent, she’s met up with “Superman” villain Lex Luthor, who informs her that he has “issues with people.”

Kara asks if he has any plans for her and says he doesn’t have a problem with her.

But then he says she’s going to “make me.”

In the next episode, Kara, Superman, and the Flash have a confrontation with Lex Luthor and the Brainstorm robots.

Kara says he’s “the most dangerous person on the planet.”

Later, Kara asks for help with the “Brainstorm” machines, which Lex says he needs to “work with.”

Kara tells the duo they need to go to the lab and “start talking.”

“I just wanna make sure we’re all together and not talking about stuff that’s going on between people,” Kara says.

“That’s how we’re gonna get through this.

If you’re not talking, then you’re probably not gonna get to what’s happening.”

Kara goes to the Brainstorms and is shocked to find them “super dangerous” and “robotically powered.”

She tries to leave, but she is stopped by a Kryptonian who tells her that she’s “not coming back.”

The Kryptonian says, “I’m not coming back until you stop fighting me.”

Kara leaves, and she is later rescued by Kara’s mother, Lois Lane (Katie Cassidy), who explains to Kara that she must “work together with Superman.”

“They need to get back to work,” Lois says, explaining that she is going to go out with Kara and the team to help him fight Lex.

After the team arrives at the lab, Kara says Lex “can’t help me, but I’m going to do everything I can to get through it.”

Later, Kara tells Lois about what she saw in New New York, and Lex “gave her a little push” before telling her that the “brainiacs” were trying to take over the city.

“So I had to use some of my Kryptonian power to help you,” Lex says.

Lex says that if Kara can help him, “it will be worth it.”

“So you can say goodbye,” Kara replies.

“But it won’t be easy.”

Later in the episode, “the Flash” team is on a mission to stop the “Dark Legion,” and “Superboy” is on the run after losing his wife, Kara.

Kara and Clark go to find Kara, who says she “can no longer help us” and asks them to “find the Brain, or stop this Dark Legion.”

The group goes into the

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