The Trump administration’s decision to use the White House as its primary point of entry for a no-fly, safe zone in Syria was a significant departure from the previous administration’s policy.

It signaled the Trump administration was willing to abandon the Obama administration’s initial plan to target ISIS, but also the need for a new strategy.

In a speech to the American Legion in July, Trump promised a “new, bold, decisive and smart” strategy.

He said it would focus on eliminating ISIS “once and for all.”

But he did not offer a detailed plan to implement it.

Instead, he repeatedly said he had not “made up my mind” on the strategy.

The Trump White House has also not explained how or when the U.S. would be able to move into Syria and, more broadly, what role the U,S.

and other NATO allies would play in the effort.

Trump’s team has also struggled to identify a coherent strategy for how to defeat ISIS in the long term.

While the president has repeatedly said his administration would be a strong ally in the fight against ISIS, he has also suggested it would be willing to be the first to commit to a no fly zone over Syria.

A no-man’s-land in Syria could be used to shield American and allied troops from airstrikes, while it could be a safe haven for the U.,S.

troops to hide out and avoid being attacked by ISIS or other foreign forces.

This is the first time Trump has used the White Street Address to outline a plan for the fight to defeat terrorism.

It came after his White House was rocked by the release of videos showing him bragging about groping women and boasting about kissing women without their consent.

Trump initially dismissed the videos as lies and then apologized for the behavior.

He has since said he has apologized to women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

On Tuesday, Trump told the crowd in Kentucky that he does not have sexual assault accusers.

But he has not yet said whether he will support the no-sex-assault pledge he made during the campaign.

Trump also has faced criticism for not announcing a no sex-assault policy until the end of August, just months before the 2020 election.

The president’s policy was also challenged during the 2016 campaign when it was revealed that he did meet with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information about Hillary Clinton and her Democratic presidential rival, Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched an investigation into Trump’s ties to the Russian government, as has the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

Trump has said the Russian investigation is a “witch hunt.”

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