Tesla is working on new solar roofing panels for its Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

The company is building panels that are both taller and thinner than existing panels, and the panels are designed to provide a significant advantage over existing panels.

The panels are made by a company called SolarEdge and will be manufactured by the company’s solar panel manufacturing unit.

SolarEdge is best known for building the new SolarEdge SolarEdge PV panels for the new Model 3, which are supposed to be the largest in the world.

Solar Edge was also the one that created the panels for Tesla’s Model S sedan.

A new panel is the size of a golf ball, and it can hold up to 20 solar panels.

That’s bigger than the height of a football field.

The panel is also thin, and SolarEdge claims that it will be able to provide enough power to run an entire house for 10 years, which is what the company expects.

That said, SolarEdge’s panels are only available for the Model 3 and the X, which means that you’ll need to buy another battery pack for the panels to be able run on that car.

The new panels will also include some unique features.

The SolarEdge panels are not made by the same company that built the SolarEdge solar panels for Model S and X. They are manufactured by SolarEdge, but SolarEdge has a different name and trademark.

Solaredge also has an extensive line of solar roof tiles, but they are only sold through a subsidiary, which SolarEdge says has an established business.

They have no connection with Tesla, Solar Edge, or Tesla.

We contacted SolarEdge to find out more about the new panels, but the company declined to answer any questions.

The solar panels are being manufactured in China, which doesn’t make them available in the US.

The other panels in the line will be made in Germany and France.

The Tesla SolarEdge line is expected to be available in 2018.

The existing panels have been on the market for a while.

Tesla has been using solar panels on its Model X for a few years, and its panels were on display at the Tesla Roadster show in 2016.

The next generation of solar panels is expected later this year, and Tesla is expected on the first Tesla Roadsters in 2019.

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