Shearing Machine - Capacity: 5 mm & 3 mm, 3 mtr. Length
  Press Break - Capacity: 5 mm & 3 mm, 2.5 mtr. Length
  Power Press - 100 Ton / 40 Ton / 25 Ton / 10 Ton
  CO2/Mig welding machines
  Arc welding machines
  Spot welding machines
  Pillar drill machines
  Radial Drill Machines
  High speed circular cutoff saw
  Hydraulic bus-bar benders
  Corner cutting die punch set
  Dies & punches
  Surface plates
  Material lifting set up


  Surface treatment plant
  Liquid painting set up
  Powder coating set up
  High tech baking furnace


  5 kv high voltage test set
  1 kv insulation tester
  100A Primary & Secondary current injection set
  Test bench with - AC 3 phase + 4 wire output, 240v AC & DC variable out put

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Based on the order specifications which may contain as little as a broad write up of the requirement to as detailed as proposed GA Drawing, Bill of Material, Wiring Schemes the left over detailing is taken Up to achieve the following

(1) Final General Arrangements drawing with required details.
(2) Other associated / related dimensional drawings as required.
(3) Electrical / Pneumatic Loop scheme hook - ups of various Equipments, Instruments,       Switches, Lamps etc.
(4) Detailed Bill of Material with code used in Drawing, Technical Specification and Makes.
(5) Detailed Single line Diagram and Schematic drawing with required ferruling system.
(6) External field termination details for installation purpose.

Drawing 1,3 & 4 are submitted to client / consultant for the approval within a week time / earlier.
After the approval of the above remaining drawings LISTED are taken up and after inspection required sets of ` AS BUILT ' Drawings are made. Whenever asked for necessary reproducible are also supplied along with the copies of drawings at an extra cost.


(1) Outdoor / Wall mounted for local control / Mounting of small group of equipments
      (IP 55 IS - 2147)
(2) Indoor floor / Wall mounted but not well protected from heat / dust /vermins
      (IP52 IS - 2147)
(3) Indoor floor / Wall mounted inside the well protected control rooms. (IP 42 IS - 2147)
      Based on the location use & the environment of the site, the design of fabrication,       gasketing, vary considerably


The structure frames are generally of bend sheet folded type construction made out of 1.6mm/2mm/3mm MS Sheet. The base frame of the panel is generally made of 3mm sheet or ISMC Channel. Panels are inspected for the diagonal verification, strength ness, cutouts as per drawings, proper bus bar arrangements etc., before final painting.


POWDER COATING: The fabricated structure/parts are subjected to chemical surface treatment, followed by a preheating before application of powder paint. After applying the powder paint the object oven baked for long lasting paint surface. The paint finish/shade (Interior/Exterior) could be as per the requirements.

LIQUID PAINTING: The fabricated structure/parts are subjected to chemical surface treatment, followed by a coat of primer (Red oxide). The primered surface is then leveled by putty application wherever required. After drying the surface is rubbed with water & sand papers to achieve smooth & dent free surface. The panel is then sprayed with a coat of surfacer to form a base to the final paint. Then the panel is painted with 2 coats of final paint & oven baked for long lasting paint surface. The paint finish/shade (Interior/Exterior) could be as per the requirements.


Various components being used in the panel are checked as per Bill Of Materials before assembly. Terminals are either provided on one side of the panel/back side of the panel in "CABLE CHAMBER" AT suitable height from gland plate.

In case of instrument panels having a number of instruments requiring separate power supply, a separate power distribution box is provided inside the panel to feed power to all instruments.

Aluminum / Copper bus bars are subjected to Bend test before assembly. Bus bars are supported on smc/dmc finger type supports to ensure the short time breaking capacity. At the time of final assembly all bus bars are sleeved with shrinkable sleeves. After final assembly of bus bars & before wiring complete panel is subjected to High voltage test to check creep age distances & failures of insulators if any. All the equipment / components are designed as per drawings using self-sticking adhesive stickers. All Lamps, Push buttons / front mounted equipments are provided with engraved anodized aluminum nameplates.


Complete panel is wired as per the scheme drawings. On completion of wiring it is checked for proper dressing / ferruling & correctness.


Panel is then offered for Inspection / routine tests like.

( 1) Insulation test on megger before & after H.V. test.
(2) H.V. test 2 KV / 2.5 KV for 1 minute.
( 3) Function test with simulating fault conditions if field contacts are involved After attending       the inspection points, if any, panel is taken for packing


Panel may be packed in wooden case if required otherwise complete panel is wrapped with polyethylene sheet.

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Raw material check

M.S. Sheets
(a) The sheets received are as per the purchase order & correct in size & thickness.
( b) Sheets are not rusted & not pitted.
(c) Sheets are not wavy & hard.
( d) Sheets are straight & are of very good quality.

Structural Steel (Angles, Channels)
( a) Angles / Channels received are correct in size & thickness as per order.
(b) Angles / Channels are not heavily rusted.
( c) Angles are perfectly in 90 degree.

Fasteners (Hinges, Locks etc.)
(a) All fasteners being used in panel are of good quality.
( b) Hinge pins are straight & threading is proper in case of square hinges.
( c) Hardware(Nut bolts) being used is of proper size & of yellow zincpassivated

Components check

1- Components received is as per Bill of material & Purchase order.
2- They are not received in damaged condition or in less quantity.
3- The contacts are not rusted ( where ever exposed )
4- All fasteners are available.
5 -They are tested for electrical operation.
6- Switches are with proper indicating plates / knobs & mounting accessories.

Fabrication check

1- Sheet thickness used is as per job sheet.
2- Dimension are OK as per drawing
3- Foundation holes are as per foundation details.
4- Lifting arrangement is made properly.
5- Bus bar supporting arrangement is OK as instructed.
6- Terminal arrangement is made properly.
7- Side sheets, doors do not have wrap age.
8- Doors, side sheets are with required stiffeners wiring clits & earthling clit1s.
9- Doors do not have diagonal twist.
10- Doors are set in line.
11- All cut outs & holes are debuted.
12- Welding spatters / flux removed.
13- All compartments are drilled for the components as per drawing. Drilling is properly done
       so as to have straightness at the time of assembly.
14- All exposed surfaces are polished with sander. No hammer marks are visible.

Surface treatment & paint check

1- Depends on the volume, the method of the surface treatment is being decided.
    ( a) Seven tank surface treatment.
    ( b) Sand blasting.
    (c) powder coating.
2- Final coat is crystalline in nature.
3- Immediately after surface treatment primer is applied within 2 / 3 hours.
4- Paint shade is as per job sheet.
5- The paint thickness after final coat is within be 50 to 70 Microns.
6 -The final paint finish is very good. No noticeable scratches on exposed surfaces.

Bus bar & General assembly check

1- Aluminum / Copper bus bars are subjected to bend test before assembly to check
     cracking at bends (90 degree max)
2- All bus bars (straight) are sleeved with heat shrinkable sleeves. Sleeving is skin tight no air     bubbles are left.
3- In case or jumpers, it is being sleeved by non adhesive tape & ends are sealed with     adhesive.
4- All joints have anticorrosive compound.
5- Proper hardware (size & qty) is used for making joints
6- All joints are made properly to have maximum contact area.
7- After complete bus bar assembly it is subjected HV test to check crepage distances &
     failure / damage of insulators, if any.
8- All live parts are shrouded.
9- All connections are properly tightened.
10- Gasketing for all doors & covers is done properly.
11- All components have proper designation.
12- All compartments have designation name plates indicating rating, feeder no. and
      feeder description

Wiring & Functional check

1- Wires used are of ISI mark & good quality.
2- Proper size of the wires used as per drawing.
3- All wires are properly ferruled & lugged.
4- Terminals are numbered as per drawing.
5- Not more than 2 wires are connected to one terminal.
6- Wiring bunches are securely supported, neatly routed on saddles or through PVC ducts.
7- All doors are earthen.
8- Functional test is in order as per operational logic by simulating the required conditions.

Dispatch particulars check

Before the panels are taken up for the packing the following points are being checked.
1- All doors are closed properly.
2- Complete panel (once again) is as per Bill Of Materials.
3- Short supplied items are listed.
4- The general cleanliness of all interiors & exteriors & ensure that no cut pieces of the
      wires, nut bolts are left inside.
5- Lifting hook is provided.
6- Panel is then packed in polythene packing & finally in wooden crate or case as required.

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