A judge in a British court has been criticised for not allowing the blinds of an IKEA panel curtain to be rolled up when a woman was watching it in a public garden.

The judge had earlier told the court that the curtains were “too small” for the woman to walk around in.

IKEa has since said that the decision to roll up the curtains was made after the woman complained that she felt uncomfortable.

The court was told by the judge that she “has a right to a view of the panels in a space which is not restricted by a curtain”.

The judge said that she was aware that IKEas “disagree with the manner in which we have approached this case”, but that she could not rule on the case because the case was before a court that is “not known for its judicial approach”.

The panel curtain was first installed in 2008, when the company was trying to make the UK its first solar energy hub.

The curtains were rolled up in response to a request from the local council, which wanted to increase the number of panels in the area.

The council said that a number of people had complained about the curtains being rolled up.

The curtain is part of IKEashops solar energy technology.

The panels on the back of the curtain can be used for charging mobile phones or for powering washing machines, washing machines and other appliances.

It was initially expected that the company would roll up panels to make room for more solar panels.

However, the company said it would continue to install panels as the technology improves.

IKEa said in a statement that the panel curtain has been rolled up since the council asked it to do so and that the curtain has not been damaged by the weather.

The judge’s decision will not affect the future of solar panels in Britain.

Ikea, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panel panels, has said that it has no plans to install solar panels on rooftops in Britain, but that it will consider whether to install them in future.

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