If you find a fish you’re really fond of to be a shark, here are some tips to help you identify and keep your family safe.


Your fish is alive and well.

You can always tell if it’s a shark by the way it’s breathing.

If it’s dead, it probably isn’t.


Your aquarium tank has enough space.

If your fish tank is a big enough one, it should be easy to keep it clean.


If the fish is very hungry, keep it on a low-calorie diet.


You may have trouble keeping it on the diet.

If you have a lot of fish on the tank, it’s probably too big to keep.


It may not be aggressive.

If fish are friendly, they’ll probably bite you.

That’s when you can look for signs of aggression.

If they’re not, there are other signs that might be helpful.


Your tank is very cold.

It can get cold in your aquarium when the water is very low.

That means your fish can be easily hurt if it gets cold.

You might also want to add a few drops of vinegar to your tank’s water to keep your fish cool.


Your pet fish has no fins.

If a fish has fins, it likely has a very small mouth.

It might be difficult to tell whether or not a fish can bite, since it may be unable to grasp its food.


Your water is dirty.

If any of your aquarium water is too dirty, you might be able to identify the fish by looking for a clear, white spot in the bottom of the tank.


Your tap water is clean.

If water is clear, you can use your finger to feel for signs that it’s clean.


Your filtration system is broken.

You’re not going to get rid of the fish, but you can try to use some cleaning products to clean the filter or the aquarium.


Your food is not being properly cooked.

You don’t want to eat fish that have had the filtrating system replaced, so be careful.

Some fish can’t handle even a small amount of food, so make sure that your fish doesn’t get any.


Your filter has a broken or broken cap.

You should use your fingers to feel if the filter has been broken or if it hasn’t been cleaned enough.


You haven’t had enough time to prepare your food.

You’ll need time to make sure your fish is in the right mood, as well as the right time to cook it.

The timing will depend on the temperature and the amount of fish you have on the fish tank.


Your feeding is too short.

Some people think that too much time is needed to cook fish and then give them a little too much food.

If this is the case, your fish should be given a small portion of the food to eat before it is ready.


Your feed is too salty.

If that’s the case for you, you may need to increase your feeding time or add a little more fish food.


You have too many fish on your tank.

If more than 10% of your fish are in the tank at one time, you should adjust the feeding schedule or reduce the amount you give your fish.


You are using too many chemicals.

You want to limit the chemicals that your aquarium fish eats.

Some of the chemicals you’ll want to avoid are ammonia, nitrates, and nitrite.


Your aquarist is not cleaning the water well.

Some aquarium fish are not getting enough sunlight and can be hard to keep clean.

You need to change the water regularly, especially during warm summer months.


You do not have a good filter.

If one of your filters is broken or missing, you’ll need to replace it or change the aquarium tank water.

You also should keep the water level high in the aquarium and add some water at a time to improve the pH.

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