Posted February 24, 2019 07:03:54I am a survivor of sexual and domestic abuse, a mother of three young children and an author who has been called a hero by victims of violence.

My story is an incredibly sad one, but one that should be shared by anyone who has suffered.

In 2015, I was raped and abused by my partner, an employee of a restaurant I worked at in the suburbs of Sydney.

The abuse was a constant.

The violence continued.

The relationship between me and my partner became a daily routine, with me regularly being called names, threatened and told to stay away from him.

We never spoke of the rape, but I did know that he had been abused and that he was not the kind of person I wanted to be around.

When he was drunk and passed out, I would hide in the bathroom, unable to reach him.

I was told by a friend that if he woke up I would be in trouble.

In the weeks following the assault, I spent hours every night sleeping on the floor, unable, I realised, to reach my abuser.

I remember thinking, “My God, what if he wakes up and rapes me?”

I had no one to turn to, no one who could take the abuse and tell me to go to the police.

I had to go back to the abuser, and that’s when I started to fall into a cycle of blaming myself for everything.

I was afraid to tell anyone about what happened, because I was ashamed.

I wanted so badly to hide and hide from him, but it wasn’t possible.

The cycle continued, and I felt the pain and trauma every day.

I thought about killing myself, and even if it meant killing myself I couldn’t do that.

I knew that if I tried to stop, I wouldn’t get anywhere.

I didn’t want to live.

My life was in danger.

I went into a crisis, but the situation was so hopeless that I couldn’st stop the cycle.

I couldn’t see how I could escape, and if I did, it was impossible.

As the cycle continued I started having flashbacks.

I saw that I was being abused, and it made me feel even more ashamed.

The trauma had taken a physical toll on me, and my sense of self-worth and worth was diminished.

I couldn’t be with someone who was abusing me.

I had to put aside my fear of harming myself, even if I felt ashamed of it.

I started thinking about killing herself.

I became suicidal, and as I started cutting myself, I felt it was only a matter of time before I would have to kill myself.

I lost my job and started drinking heavily, and the cycle repeated.

At some point, I stopped drinking and went to see a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with PTSD.

At that point, my self-esteem was at an all-time low, and when I saw my abuser again, I decided that if it wasn’t for the help of my counsellor, I’d have to commit suicide.

In that moment, I found myself in the middle of the world, alone, in my own home.

I started feeling trapped and powerless.

The last time I saw the abuser was in October of that year, when I was still living at home.

When I called him, I asked him for help.

I felt like I was trapped, that my life was worthless, that I had no hope and no support.

The only way I could do anything was by going to the emergency room.

I told my doctor that I needed to leave the country, that it was the only way that I could be helped.

The next day, I went to a mental health clinic to see my therapist.

She said that I would probably die if I didn’ t seek help.

She went to the nearest hospital, and told me that she would come to my bedside that night.

I don’t know if that was my final words, or the last time that I saw her.

She had been so helpful and loving to me.

When she arrived, I told her that I didn”t want to go through with it.

I cried and cried, and then, when the doctors asked me to lay down, I did so.

I went back to my home, and stayed there until the end.

At the time, I didn t know what to do with myself.

As a survivor, I struggled with guilt, depression, panic attacks and flashbacks.

At that point in time, it felt like suicide.

I think I was depressed because I felt guilty about my behaviour.

I blamed myself for what had happened, for having been a bad parent and for wanting to leave Australia, but at that time, there was nothing I could say to myself.

It was the last thing I wanted.

I felt like my life had become meaningless.

I believed that my abusers were going to leave me alone, but then, I heard that the police were going through a similar

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