Corrugation is a process of reducing the surface area of a panel by adding, subtracting or otherwise removing layers of insulation or other material.

The panels are usually used in building facades and for exterior walls, to protect the structure.

The paneling process is relatively simple, with each layer of insulation added and then removed with a knife or other sharp instrument.

Corrugations are often found on the exterior of homes, where they add to the appearance of an unfinished structure and provide protection to its inhabitants.

Here are some of the most popular corrugated paneling options available in the market.


Corrugated Roof Panel with PVC Insulation – Rivets-Hornet 1,800 sq ft $10.00 2.

Correcoated Roof panel with PVC Insulation and Roof Paneling – Corragium 1,500 sq ft -$15.00 3.

Corridor-Hornset Corrugating Roof Paneled with PVA Insulation & Corrugator – H-H 3,800sq ft – $25.00 4.

Corruped Corrugate Roof Panel – Corrugatum 1,300sq ft $15.50 5.

Corri-H-H Corrugates Corrugators and Corrugarized Roof Panelling – H3H3 3,600sq ft + $25 5.0 inches (12 cm) (3 ft) 3.6 inches (5.5 cm) 6.3 inches (11.2 cm) 7.0 inch (16.4 cm) 8.2 inch (21.4cm) 9.3 inch (28.8cm) 10.2 inches (38.6cm) 11.6 inch (48.5cm) 12.0 (58.9cm) 13.4 inch (57cm) 14.3 (62.9 cm) 15.2 (68.3 cm) 16.2 – 1 inch (60.3cm) 17.4 (69.4 mm) 18.6 – 1.5 inches (71.1cm) 19.0 – 1 and 2 inches (73.5mm) 20.5 – 2 inches or more (74.3mm)

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